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  • May 2020

    Silverlake Wins Digital Innovation Enhancement and Maintenance Contracts.image

    Silverlake Symmetri to Offer the Groundbreaking, Science Based Fintech Platform “Dreams” to New Markets.image

    March 2020

    Covid-19: How We are Supporting Customers and Staff – A Message from Our Group MD.image

    Merimen Accelerates its SaaS Insurance Ecosystem Platform Business in ASEAN.image

    Silverlake Axis is proud to announce our latest successful implementation of Tran$actzNow Virtual Account (VA) in CIMB Singapore.image

    February 2020

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2020 financial results on 13 Feb 2020.image

    Silverlake Wins Digital Innovation, License and Maintenance Contracts Sum Approximately RM60 million.image

    November 2019

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2020 financial results on 14 Nov 2019.image

    October 2019

    Merimen Group Wins Asia Insurance Industry Award.image

    Silverlake Axis Secures Consumer Financing Transformation Contract.image

    August 2019

    Silverlake Axis Secures Consumer Financing Transformation Contract.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q4 FY2019 and Full Year (year ended 30 June 2019) financial results.image

    July 2019

    Silverlake Symmetri Secures Four Software Upgrade Contracts.image

    Silverlake Axis Awarded Digital Platform Contracts.image

    Silverlake Axis setting up of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Silvirture Limited.image

    May 2019

    Silverlake Axis releases Q3 FY2019 financial results on 14 May 2019.image

    April 2019

    Silverlake Axis Announces Group Managing Director Retirement and Succession Plan.image

    February 2019

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2019 financial results on 14 Feb 2019.image

    January 2019

    Silverlake Axis Completes Proposed Acquisition of 80% of the Issued Share Capital for SIA X Infotech Group.image

    QR Signs Software and Services Contract with AEON Vietnam.image

    Silverlake Axis Wins Digital Innovation Contracts from Financial Institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.image

  • November 2018

    Silverlake Axis established a wholly-owned subsidiary company, QR Retail Automation Vietnam Company Limited.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2019 financial results on 13 Nov 2018.image

    Silverlake Axis Acquires XInfotech Group to Offer Digital Identity and Security Technologies.

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    September 2018

    Silverlake Axis establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary company, QR Agoracloud Sdn Bhd.image

    August 2018

    Silverlake Axis releases Q4 FY2018 and Full Year (year ended 30 June 2018) financial results.image

    July 2018

    Silverlake Digital Economy Wins Award at Asian Banker Future of Finance Summit.image

    May 2018

    Silverlake Axis releases Q3 FY2018 financial results on 14 May 2018.image

    Silverlake Axis’ Newly Acquired Entities to Implement Digital Solutions for a Hong Kong Consumer Credit Provider.image

    Merimen Expands Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) - based Analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offerings for Insurers.image

    Cyber Village Wins 2018 IBM Asia Pacific Geography Excellence Award.image

    April 2018

    Silverlake Axis Wins New Core Banking Contract.image

    Metro Singapore Selects QR Cloud Retail Automation Solution.image

    Silverlake Axis Completes Acquisition Of Silverlake Digital Economy Sdn Bhd, Silverlake Digitale Sdn Bhd and Silverlake One Paradigm Sdn Bhd.image

    Silverlake Axis Secures Core Banking Contract from MBSB for Its New Merged Banking Entity.image

    March 2018

    Results of Special General Meeting Held on 1 March 2018.image

    February 2018

    Establishment of a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Company, Affinity Village Sdn Bhd.image

    Merimen Strengthens Presence in ASEAN and Makes Further Headway in Hong Kong.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2018 financial results on 13 Feb 2018.image

    Silverlake Axis Receives Approval-in-Principal From SGX-ST and Notice of Special General Meeting on 01 Mar 2018.image

    January 2018

    Establishment of a Wholly - Owned Subsidiary Company, Merimen Automotive Group Sdn Bhd.image

  • November 2017

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2018 financial results on 10 Nov 2017.image

    October 2017

    QR Provides Retail Automation Solution to AEON Hong Kong.image

    Silverlake Axis Advances Transformation to Innovation Accelerator with Proposed Acquisition of Silverlake Private Entities.image

    August 2017

    Silverlake Axis releases Q4 FY2017 and Full Year (year ended 30 June 2017) financial results.image

    June 2017

    Silvelake Axis’ Core Banking Solution Selected for International Expansion of Leading ASEAN Bank.image

    Silverlake Axis' subsidiary, Cyber Village, Wins Digital Insurance Collaboration Platform Project.image

    Silverlake Axis' Core Banking Solution Wins Major New Banking Customer in Thailand.image

    May 2017

    Silverlake Axis's subsidiary, Merimen, Adds Analytics to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offerings for Insurers.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q3 FY2017 financial results on 15 May 2017.image

    February 2017

    Silverlake Axis Establishes New Subsidiary Merimen Technologies (Thailand).image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2017 financial results on 14 Feb 2017.image

    January 2017

    Silverlake Axis Secures Core Banking Contracts from Financial Institutions in Thailand.image

    Merimen Expands Regional Reach to Hong Kong.image

  • November 2016

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2017 financial results on 11 Nov 2016.image

    September 2016


    Silverlake Axis Establishes New Subsidiary Merimen Technologies (Vietnam).image

    August 2016


    Silverlake Axis releases Q4 FY2016 and Full Year (year ended 30 June 2016) financial results.image

    Cyber Village Partners Six Customers in Their Fintech Initiatives.image

    June 2016

    GIT, SAL’s Associate in China, announces expiry of moratorium period and potential sale of GIT shares.image

    May 2016

    Silverlake Axis releases Q3 FY2016 financial results on 11 May 2016.image

    Silverlake Axis' insurance processing business undertaken by its subsidiary, Merimen, expands into 3 new growth markets.image

    February 2016

    Silverlake Axis' subsidiary, Silverlake Symmetri, collaborates with United Bank Limited for Digital Banking Transformation.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2016 financial results on 11 February 2016.image

    Silverlake Axis announce change of company names for subsidiaries (including a representative office).image

    January 2016

    Silverlake releases Executive Report by Deloitte Singaporeimage

  • November 2015

    Silverlake Axis’ solution powers the newly launched Growth Accelerator Exchange (GAX) Digital Platform.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2016 financial results on 12 November 2015.image

    Silverlake Axis’ Newly Acquired SunGard Ambit Secures Contracts with Two Vietnamese Banks.image

    October 2015

    Silverlake Axis completes SunGard Ambit acquisition for USD12mil.image

    September 2015

    Silverlake Axis acquires SunGard Ambit (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.image

    August 2015

    Silverlake Axis (SAL) explains temporary share trading halt to customers and business partners.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q4 FY2015 financial results on 24 August 2015.image

    July 2015

    Silverlake Axis is one of Forbes Asia’s 200 “Best Under a Billion” for year 2015. The awards ceremony will take place in November 2015. This will be the second time Silverlake Axis is presented this Forbes Asia award - the first was in year 2013.

    June 2015

    Silverlake Axis' subsidiary, QR Technology Sdn. Bhd., successfully implements PROFIT Retail Automation Solution for AEON Indonesia to support AEON Group’s expansion in Asia.image

    May 2015

    Silverlake Axis' associate Global InfoTech Co. Ltd. ("GIT"), will be listed on ChiNext of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 9.30am, 28 May 2015.image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q3 FY2015 financial results on 14 May 2015.image

    April 2015

    Silverlake Axis' associate Global InfoTech Co. Ltd. ("GIT"), obtains approval for its Proposed Listing in China.image

    February 2015

    Silverlake Axis releases Q2 FY2015 financial results on 11 February 2015.image

  • December 2014

    Silverlake Axis formed Silverlake HGH Limited and launched takeover of Finzsoft Solution Limited, an Auckland-based financial technology company that develops and implements software and solutions for banks and financial institutions in New Zealand and Australia.image

    November 2014

    Silverlake Secures Two New Software Upgrading Contracts Totaling Approximately RM40.0 Million. image

    Silverlake Axis releases Q1 FY2015 financial results on 10 November 2014.image

    October 2014

    Silverlake Axis Group Executive Chairman, Mr. Goh Peng Ooi nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Malaysia in the “Master Entrepreneur” category image image

    Silverlake Axis held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 27 October at Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

    Silverlake Axis successfully concluded the Banking & Digital Economy Summit (BDES) 2014 in Athens, Greece from 09 to 12 October. Over 180 delegates attended in this year's Summit, which was themed “Transforming the Ecosystems of the Future”.

    China Daily Asia Weekly interviews Mr. Goh Peng Ooi. image

    September 2014

    Silverlake Axis participate in this year's ASEAN Business Club (ABC) Forum 08 September, a unique platform for stakeholder engagement and an effective avenue to align public and private integration efforts. The forum convenes all relevant stakeholders from around the region. It seeks to establish a dialogue between public and private sectors, the media and academia for an inclusive and reflective discussion. Group Executive Chairman of Silverlake Axis, Mr.Goh Peng Ooi, gave a speech on "Transforming ASEAN Economic Community through Predictive Economy". Silverlake Axis was also the Main Sponsor for this year's ABC Forum.

    Silverlake Axis sponsored the Share Guide Association Malaysia (SGAM) 2014 Annual Conference and ICT Awards which took place at Equatorial Hotel Melaka from 3rd - 4th September 2014.

    June 2014

    Silverlake Axis took part in the 18th Malaysian Banking Summit "Moving Forward in a New Financial Landscape" whereby our Group Executive Chairman, Mr.Goh Peng Ooi was a speaker and Group Managing Director , Dr.Raymond Kwong was a moderator for the Roundtable session. The 18th Malaysian Banking Summit addressed key issues of concern to the Banking and Financial sector. It brought together key leaders of the Banking sector, leading businessmen, analysts, corporate managers and government officials to discuss the future challenges and the changing role of Banks in Malaysia.

    May 2014

    Silverlake Axis Wins Multiple Awards at Asian Banker Summit. image image

    March 2014

    Silverlake Axis, A Leading Provider of Core Institutional Software for Top ASEAN Banks. image

    Silverlake Axis Congratulates CIMB Group on Successful Implementation of New Core Banking System in Malaysia .image

    Silverlake Axis Congratulates Alliance Bank for Winning the “Asia's Best Online Banking” Award by IDC Financial Insights .image

    Silverlake Axis Congratulates OCBC Bank on Winning “Asia's Best Bank” and “Asia's Most Dynamic Bank” by IDC Financial Insights .image

  • November 2013

    Silverlake Axis Received “Best Of The Best” Award 2013 from Forbes Asia. image

    October 2013

    The Silverlake Axis group is featured in the Forbes Asia October 2013 issue.image

    July 2013

    Cyber Village Sdn Bhd to Implement New Internet Banking System for Bank Rakyat.image

    Completion of The Proposed Acquisition of The Entire Issue Share Capital of Cyber Village Sdn bhd. Use of Proceeds from The Placement of 100,000,000 Placement Share Completed on 12 June 2013. image

    May 2013

    The Prospect Group (TPG) Interviews Mr. Goh Peng Ooi.

    Proposed Acquisition of The Entire Issued Share Capital of Cyber Village Sdn Bhdimage

    April 2013

    Completion of Proposed Acquisition of 80% of the Issued Share Capital of Merimen Ventures Sdn Bhdimage

    March 2013

    Core Banking Systems: It Will Get Interesting in 2013 and Beyond image

    Proposed Acquisition of 80% of the Issued Share Capital of Merimen Ventures Sdn Bhd image

    New Contract with Hong Leong Bank, Malaysia to Implement Enterprise Payment Platform image

    February 2013

    New Contract to Implement SIBS Core Banking Solution for Union Bank, Sri Lanka image

    December 2012

    Three New Contracts And One Contract Expansion Secured Totaling RM135 Million image

    October 2012

    Silverlake Axis signs LoU with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam as Silver sponsor for ALAF image

    June 2012

    Proposed Disposal - 100% Equity Interest in Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Silverlake Axis (Beijing) Co.Ltd. image

    24 - 26 June 2011

    Government Linked Companies Open Day. Silverlake Axis participated under CIMB sponsorship. image image

    22 June 2011

    The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to announce the effective date of the Company’s transfer from Catalist to the SGX-ST Mainboard on 22 June 2011. image

    28 March 2011

    Silverlake Axis Ltd announced its acquisition of Isis International Pte Ltd (A Company Incorporated in Singapore.) The purchase consideration was arrived at on an arm’s length and on a “willing-buyer willing-seller” basis, taking into account factors such as inter alia, the established and complementary Isis Payments and Integration Products for Silverlake and its Customers & Partners, the industry conditions and future prospects especially for the Digital Economy. image

    August 23, 2010

    Formal engagement/appointment of Silverlake Axis to provide core banking system for CIMB 1Platform implementation across Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Signing ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur and witnessed by Group Chief Executive, CIMB Group, Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak. image

    February 9, 2010

    Secured two new contracts in the PRC to provide Cards and Logistics IT solutions to HNA Group Co. Ltd. and its group of companies. image

    January 28, 2010

    A Special General Meeting of Company was held on this day and at this meeting, all resolutions relating to the matters as set out in the Notice of Special General Meeting dated 13 January 2010 were duly passed with an amendment to the Ordinary Resolution 4 in relation to the increase in the authorised share capital of the Company. image

    October 6, 2009

    Acquisition of the remaining 75% stake of SBI Card Processing Co. Ltd from SBI Holdings, Inc. image

    September 9, 2009

    Memorandum of understanding for the proposed acquisition of the entire issued and paid up capital of the target companies. image

    July 17, 2009

    Transition to catalist sponsor-supervised regime image

    June 29, 2009

    Silverlake Axis' executive chairman Goh Peng Ooi talks about his passion in research and the sheer opportunity of setting this company. Goh also shares with BFM 89.9 about his passion for research and how it is related to the business world.

    Download interview clip

    Goh explains how Silverlake Axis runs on the business model of complexity adaptive. And thanks to this model, its business have not been affected by the downturn in the financial sector. In fact, the current environment has generated more contracts for Silverlake Axis. Goh also shares that life has not changed much even though he made his way to the 34th spot of Malaysia top 40 richest man.

    Download interview clip

    February 26, 2009

    Silverlake Axis proudly announces the publication of our Compilation of IDC Case Studies. The case studies tell a great story of how some of our clients addressed the challenges during the implementation of our solutions. To view the case studies.
    FI Silverlake-Premiere Bank IBM Case Study
    FI Silverlake Bank Mega IBM Case Study

    April 21, 2008

    Silverlake Axis secures two contracts in Thailand and the Philippines for US$6.8million to provide delivery channels, customer information and core products processing modules of Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS).

    March 17, 2008

    Silverlake and Bank Mandiri Indonesia named as winners of the Asian Banker IT Implementation Award 2008 for Best Retail Payment. image

    March 15, 2008

    Commercial Bank International, one of UAE's leading financial institutions, announced the launch of it's turnkey project Silverlake Core Banking Solution software to enhance both its conventional and internet banking systems. image

    February 28, 2008

    Silverlake Axis enhances its solution offerings through a partnership agreement with Canadian based Zafin Labs, the leading provider for customer centricity solutions to the Financial Services Industry. The dynamic relationship pricing & billing solutions from Zafin Labs will provide current and prospective clients the choice of adding customer centricity functionality to their installed SIBS platform.

    January 9, 2008

    Silverlake and Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM), signed an agreement for IBFIM to provide Silverlake with Shariah advisory services and training in Islamic Banking and Finance. image

    December 26, 2007

    Silverlake Axis enters into a Joint Venture Agreement with EC Switch Sdn Bhd (ECS) and Elite Capital Limited to take up 24.5% interest of Silverswitch Sdn Bhd. Silverswitch has obtained non-exclusive licences of proprietary software from Silverlake Axis and ECS to develop a solution to facilitate cashless payments utilizing secure and cost effective infrastructure that will benefit retailers, banks and consumers. The solution is based on customizing and integrating ECS front-end software components with the SIBS software platform. The Silverswitch cashless payment solution will initially be launched in the fuel retail industry.

    December 17, 2007

    Silverlake Axis expands licensing of Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) into Shared Services Outsourcing Business with contract for USD 7.78 million. Under the non-exclusive licensing agreement with Silverlake Component Technologies Solutions Ltd (SCT), SCT will provide shared services outsourcing solutions based on certain modules from the SIBS software platform. SCT has secured its first shared services outsourcing customer, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia, to manage the Bank’s credit card systems and operations.

    November 11, 2007

    Silverlake enters into a Credit Card Outsourcing Agreement with Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia. In this agreement, Silverlake will provide the Data Centre and Technology Infrastructure, Silverlake Axis Islamic Credit Card Software and Credit Card Operations Services.

    October 22, 2007

    Silverlake Axis expands licensing of Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) into Capital Markets Industry with contract for US$7.35 million. Under the non-exclusive licensing agreement with Silverlake International Capital Market Solution Limited (ICMS), ICMS will offer end customer solutions to the capital markets industry based on customizing and integrating ICMS's front-end stock broking and trading modules with Silverlake Axis back-end SIBS software platform. Currently ICMS has customer engagements in South East Asia and will market and distribute its solution in Central Asia.

    August 2007

    Silverlake Axis won the award for IBM System i General Manager's Award Best IBM System i Performance in 2007 and Microsoft Partners Solution of the Year Award - 2007 Winner ISV/Software Solutions for "Silverlake Integrated Provident Fund System Front-End Application: BDS.NET"

    July 9, 2007

    Silverlake Axis secures three new contracts in Malaysia, Philippines and the Middle East. The first contract is with a Malaysian payment transaction switching operator to supply selected components of the Group's award-winning Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS). The second contract is with a Philippines private development bank to provide a SIBS core banking solution. The third contract is with a Saudi Arabian real estate finance company to supply a suite of Integrated Islamic Banking solution modules.

    June 27, 2007

    Silverlake Axis expands core banking business in China through investment in Unifisoft Holdings Limited, an established information technology services company focusing on the financial services sector in China market.

    May 9, 2007

    Silverlake Axis appoints a third party certified implementer for its Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS)

    May 4, 2007

    Silverlake Axis secures two South East Asian contracts. The first contract is with a large South East Asian financial services organization. The second contract is with a South East Asian bank embarking on implementing an integrated suite of Core Banking modules for their operations in China.

    January 11, 2007

    Silverlake Axis secures projects with four Asian banks, namely Bank Pertanian Malaysia ("BPM"), PT Bank Bumiputera Indonesia TBK ("BBI"), PT Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia ("BSMI") and Industrial Bank Co., Ltd ("IBC"), to supply a comprehensive suite of conventional and syariah compliant integrated banking solutions.

    November 16, 2006

    Silverlake Axis, in partnership with IBM, hosted the Banking Technology Summit 2006 at Sentosa Island Singapore. The theme of this year's Summit is "Transform Your Business Through Innovation in Banking".

    November 2, 2006

    Silverlake Axis secures two contracts to supply a suite of integrated core banking solutions to the Islamic Bank of Thailand and a foreign owned retail bank operating in Thailand.

    October 3, 2006

    Silverlake Axis announces its application innovation partnership with IBM by being the first Business Partner to utilise the newly opened IBM Innovation Center in Kuala Lumpur

    September 21, 2006

    Axis Systems Holdings Ltd announces its name change to Silverlake Axis Ltd

    September 12, 2006

    Axis Systems Holdings Ltd secures first contract in the Middle East with Commercial Bank International P.S.C ("CBI") of United Arab Emirates

    June 20, 2006

    Axis Systems Holdings Ltd secures first contract in Japan with SBI Card Processing Co. Ltd.

    Axis Systems Holdings Ltd enters into a Joint Venture Agreement with SBI Holdings, Inc. to set up a joint venture company, SBI Card Processing Co. Ltd.

    May 22, 2006

    Axis Systems Holdings Ltd acquires Silverlake's Banking Software Business and added the award winning Silverlake Integrated Banking System (SIBS) into its portfolio of banking solutions